Other Procedures (Lower Limb)

Achilles Tendon Decompression
This condition is equivalent to patellar tendinosis. It causes chronic pain behind the heel. If surgery becomes necessary then a small operation usually resolves the problem.

Bunion Correction:
Progressive angulation of the main joint at the base of the big toe is unsightly and will often result in a painful lump (a bunion) and other forefoot symptoms. The toe can be straightened in a number of ways depending on the severity of the deformity.

Hammer/Mallet toe correction:
The smaller toes may also become crooked resulting in painful thickening of the skin (callosities). Straightening the cooked joints is a simple operation that can be carried out as a day case procedure

Mortons Neuroma:
Pain between the smaller toes(usually the 2nd and 3rd) often described as feeling like treading on a marble can be caused by a thickening around the digital nerve. Diagnosis is confirmed on an MRI scan and the abnormal tissue can be removed through a small incision between the affected toes

Ankle arthroscopy:
A keyhole surgical technique used for diagnosis and treatment of some conditions affecting the ankle joint.

Plantar fasciitis:
Pain under the heel on walking is equivalent to tennis elbow. In a few patients where non-surgical treatment has failed there is an operation that can help.