Hip Surgery

Total Hip Replacement:
Most commonly used to treat osteoarthritis. I use prostheses with a proven track record. I have been successfully using ceramic bearing surfaces for over 10 years. I have a particular interest in treating younger patients including those who have had hip problems dating back to childhood.

Hip Resurfacing:
This is a bone conserving alternative to total hip replacement in younger patients. The existing joint surfaces are replaced by metal. I have had nearly 10 years experience of using the Birmingham resurfacing prosthesis (Smith & Nephew) which has proved to have an excellent clinical outcome with a durability equivalent to the very best total hips.

Revision Hip Surgery:
Unfortunately there may come a time when a hip replacement needs to be redone. This is usually because the joint surface (if it is plastic) may become worn out or because the components have started to work loose. It is possible in most patients using a variety of techniques to replace the worn out hip with a new one that can be as good as a first time hip replacement.

Hip Arthroscopy:
In the last few years hip arthroscopy (key hole surgery) has emerged as an exciting new way to help diagnose and treat hip pain in the younger patient. This kind of surgery involves a maximum stay of one night in hospital with faster recovery than open surgery. I am the only surgeon currently using this technique in Gloucestershire. (For additional information click here)